Unbridle your style with EQL by Kerrits, a leisure apparel line launching Fall 2020

    Less footprint, more hoofprints.

    Our mission is to thoughtfully design & responsibly create clothes that let women unbridle their personal style — and their power to help horses. We opt for materials and processes that are kind to people and the planet. Then, we donate 1% of proceeds to support equine causes like rescues, therapeutic riding programs or land conservancy.

    EQL is a daily spark of equine-inspired joy.

    Our styles help you look and feel your best on an adventure or in the office. Curated pieces made from extraordinarily comfortable, responsibly sourced fabrics become a feel-good wardrobe that outlasts trends and seasons. Every piece is thoughtfully designed to mix, match, and make you smile, knowing you are making a difference.

    Run free with EQL

    Our Beliefs

    We believe in the guiding principles of People, Planet and Process, seeking respect and mindfulness in everything we do. We aren’t perfect, but we’re working to be better every day.